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Good ideas regarding insect control:

The two biologicals, Bio-Insek and Bio-Mantis should be applied throughout the garden, lawns and composting site, as well as areas where rubble collects.  No slugs, snails or any slimy insects (also earthworms) will be affected.  Best done in the rainy season before expected showers of more than 12 mm. —  Only to be repeated if major fungicide applications where done, or the lawns heavily treated by artificial fertilizer.

When purchasing large amounts of compost, do treat it with Bio-Insek after spreading.

Bio-Neem and/or Xterminator are useful for spot treatment of insects.


When washing the pet’s blanket, add a bit of Bio-Neem into the rinsing water and spray from time to time the places where pet’s rest.

Good ideas on disease control:

When planting seedlings or trans locating shrubs, bushes or trees drench the root area with Bio-Tricho (40 ml per 10 l water).  Plants that look a bit stressed can recover better with a Bio-Impilo application and an extra bit of moisture.


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