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While people differ on words that describe organic agriculture, there is ever increasing evidence that managing organic agriculture is best by mimicking nature. If you are heading towards Organic agriculture, Permaculture, Biodynamic agriculture, Conservation agriculture, Regenerative agriculture, Biological agriculture or any mimicking / tracking nature, following agro-ecological principles, you will likely find some useful tools offered by us.

The ever-growing number of farmers requesting our expertise and assistance necessitates the publishing of our new web-site.  Please note that Agro-Organics is constantly, in conjunction with the Registrar of Act36/1947, working towards a solution establishing a registration guideline or matrix that addresses data requirements regarding the allowed substances as listed by the Standard for Organic Agriculture Production and Processing.  This standard with reference SANS 1369:201x has been released for public comment closing 22 November 2016, marking the end of a close to 7-year (since the FRIDGE study release) period of uncertainties.


When using the organic pest and disease control  products do not forget the big picture of organic farming. Controlling pests and diseases organically means much more than simply changing the types of sprays and dusts you use.  Organic gardeners strive to develop a balanced system where problems are regulated naturally and where there is little need to use even the safest organic sprays and dusts to control pest problems. Therefore one of the principles is to eliminate or minimize  the use of these products.

But keep in mind that preventative measures are the keys to successful organic farming.

Some crops like wine and table grapes, for instance, will be attacked by downy and powdery mildew each season depending on weather conditions, and therefore the use of program spraying to control powdery and downy mildew is important especially up to pea berry size. Infection with any one of these diseases during this early stage can cause complete crop loss.

Some of the products like Bio-Tricho and Bio-Impilo help to induce plant resistance and it is recommended for use on all plants.

Please handle all products with respect.

The control programs gives an indication of the certain stage that insect or disease problems can occur and can be treated preventatively. If a good monitoring system is followed, especially with insect problems, treatment can be postponed until the problem occurs .


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