Registration under Act 36 of 1947:  pending

Organic standard: SANS 1369:2016 Annex C; Table C.1
Description, Compositional requirements and conditions for use
Potassium soap (soft soap)


A whitish grey liquid
Bio-Wash is a contact insecticide and can also be useful as adjuvant.

Soft soap reduces population and breeding capabilities of phytophagus insects, with soft skeletons such as aleurodids, aphids and thrips.  Mites can also be targeted…… Aphids, Mealybug, Red spider mite, Scale, Thrips, Whiteflies have been treated with Bio-Wash with good response.

As adjuvant, make sure of compatibility and never use more than 200 ml / 100 l water, otherwise make sure of phytotoxicity.

Directions for use
Dosage: Bio-Wash 1.5 – 3 l per 100 l water.
Application: Wash spray tank thoroughly to remove all traces of residues. Half fill tank with water (pH 6.0-7.3). Shake container with Bio-Wash well.  Add Bio-Wash and fill the spray can to the correct volume while stirring continuously. Wet plants properly. Apply early morning or late afternoon. Do not spray if the air temperature is above 30°C or if the relative humidity is lower than 30%.

Symptoms of yellow / brown spotting, burned tips or scorching may be inflicted. Certain cultivars of azalea, poinsettia, begonia, Impatiens, ferns, palms and succulents may be effected. Fruit of certain pear cultiuvars and berry cultivars are sensitive. Plants under drought stress, young transplants and fresh growth on plants is likely to develop symptoms. Where hard water with metal ions (Calcium, iron, magnesium and more) has been used for dilution the mixture is less effective and phytotoxicity is increased.

Safety precautions
Treat as harmful. Keep out of reach from children and uninformed persons. Read the label conscientiously.

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