Registration under Act 36 of 1947:  pending

Organic standard: SANS 1369:2016 Annex C; Table C.1
Microorganisms that are used for biological pest controls and the products produced by them
Description, Compositional requirements and conditions for use
Microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi), the Bacillus thuringiensis, Granulosis virus

Bio-Tricho Pruning

Bio-Tricho Pruning is targeted at preventing wood rotting disease and assisting plants sealing their wounds.


Best applied within the day of pruning or harvesting flowers, the day after heavy winds or hail caused damage.

Tip: As the pruning day nears its end, knapsack spray the days work. Adding cake colorant assist in assuring that all wounds are treated.

Technical detail same as Bio-Tricho, as Bio-Tricho Pruning contains same strains, but the wood rotting control emphasized.


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