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Organic standard: SANS 1369:2016 Annex C; Table C.1
Description, Compositional requirements and conditions for use
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Plant-based repellents


Garlic Repellar

A greyish-white liquid
Garlic-Repellar consists out of extracts from garlic.

Can be used on all kinds of crops like vegetables, fruit, vines and flowers. The product has been widely tested and evaluated.

Directions for use
Dosage: 1 l Garlic-Repellar per 100 l.
Preparation: Half fill spray tank with water (pH 6.0-7.3). Add the correct volume of Garlic-Repellar and mix. Add rest of water while stirring continuously.
Application: Application can be done from seedling stage. Garlic-Repellar will be effective for about 5 days, depending on irrigation / rain and some related dilution processes.
Safety precautions
Keep out of reach of children and uninformed people. Handle with care. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and other parts of the body. In case of accidental skin contact, wash immediately with water.


Active(s): Natural Allium Sativum (CAS 8008-99-9) common name Garlic 6%

Toxidity: PAN Bad Actor Chemical: No
Health risks human: Garlic is generally recocgnised as safe (GRAS), as a natural seasoning and flavouring agent.  Acute: High dose can cause stomach irritation.  Cronic: Prolonged feeding of high quantities in rats resulted in anemia, weight loss and a failure to grow.  Carcenogenisis: Anti cancer effects.  Cholinesterate inhibitor: no

Environmental Impact: General: Of low concern.  Bees: no concern.  Fish: slightly toxic.  Groundwater: of no concern

Minimum Risk Levels (MRLs)
Garlic at the concentration levels used on crop as pesticide / repellar is less than when used as food additive in most cook book recipes.

General Notes:
Garlic contains antiviral, antibacterial properties and is also known as an immune enhancing and anti-cancer product and has cholesterol lowering activity.

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