Registration under Act 36 of 1947:  L 7037  (additions pending)

Organic standard:  SANS 1369:201X (DRAFT STANDARDS) Annex C; Table C 1

Substance Description, Compositional requirements and conditions for use  intrants_q_a-bbb
Pyrethrums extracted from Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium that possibly contains a synergist. Insecticide

The use of the synergist Piperonyl butoxide is prohibited



‘n Geel vloeistof met ‘n sitrusvrug reuk
Xterminator is ‘n kontakdoder vir insekte.

Dit is baie effektief oor ‘n wye reeks van insekplae soos bv. blaaspootjie, blaarspringer, blaarmynervliegies, kewers, miere, myte, plantluise, rooispinnekop, ruspers en witvlieg. Kan saam met Bio-Insek en / of Bio-Mantis gebruik word.  Kan ook saam met Bio-Impilo aangewend word.

Dosis: 500 mL Xterminator per 100 l water
Aanwending: Was spuitkan goed uit om alle moontlike spore van gifstowwe te verwyder. Vul kan met helfte van die water (pH 6.0 – 7.3) benodig. SKUD DIE XTERMINATOR-HOUER GOED. Voeg die regte hoeveelheid Xterminator by die water, en meng. Vul die spuitkan tot by die verlangde vlak terwyl aanhoudend geroer word. Spuit plante deeglik nat. Dien of vroeg oggend of laat middag toe. Moenie spuit as die lugtemperatuur 30°C oorskry of indien die relatiewe lugvogtigheid laer as 30% daal nie.

Die konsentraat is giftig en moet versigtig gehanteer word. Indien op vel gemors, spoel onmiddellik af met water. Indien in geslote ruimtes gespuit moet die gepaste beskermende klere en gasmaskers soos met die gebruik van gewone chemiese gifstowwe gebruik, gedra word. Hou buite bereik van kinders en oningeligtes.


Active(s):         Natural phyrethrins / pyrethrum (CAS 800-34-7) 0.75%; a concentrate retrieved and unpurified from citrus peels and pips containing d-limonene (CAS 5989-27-5) and potassium soap (CAS 67701-09-1)

Toxicity:           PAN Bad Actor Chemical: Not listed

Health risks human:  Acute: May cause asthmatic breathing, sneezing, nasal stuffiness, headache, facial flushing and swelling, burning and itching. LD50 oral children 50 mg/kg, adults 100 mg/kg  Cronic:   low chronic toxicity to humans – skin irritation.  Carcenogenisis: No  Cholinesterate inhibitor: No

Environmental Impact:  General: Natural Phyrethrins have little residual effects, since breakdown by temperature, UV-light and oxygen (air) is fast. Spilage of phyrethrins though is environmental unfriendly.  Bees:    slightly toxic; apply when bees are not active. Fish: toxic  Groundwater: No case study available

Minimal Risk Levels (MRLs)
Expected residue concentration per applied cm2: < 0.18 μg / cm2
ADI = 0.04 mg/kg/d; ArfD = 0.2 mg/kg according JMPR 1999
Expected time of complete breakdown of actives: 12 sunshine hours
Withholding period on crop peeled to be eaten: 0 days
Withholding period on crop eaten as harvested: 1 day

General Notes:

Natural phyrethrum / pyrethrin are extracted with solvents from flowers of the chrysanthemum plant.  Only 30% of the extracted pyrethrins constitutes the active compounds.  (0.36 g/l natural pyrethrin = 0.09 g/l sinthetic pyrethroid)

Pyrethrins have also been used orally as an anthelminitic without adverse effects at a recommended dose in adults of 20 mg and in children at 10 mg, given as a three day course, in the form of an emulsion formed by adding an alcoholic solution to water (Hayes JW 1982, Pesticides studied in Manchester Baltimare/London. Williams and Wilkins p.77-78). Pyrethrins have a wide margin of safety when used judiciously.

Occupational Health regulations have to be strictly adhered to and pyrethrins are to be treated as toxic regarding use and storage.

Pyrethrins are unstable in the presence of light, moisture and air.  It is rapidly oxidized and inactivated by air especially in the presence of alkalies (soaps).

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